The OtherLand Chronicles

Mirror_800A chance encounter. 17-year-old Alia has just moved to the tidy suburb of Briargate in Colorado Springs, a million miles away from her previous home in Brooklyn, and she is disdainful of the exhortations to stay inside after dark. Girls have been turning up dead of mysterious ailments, but Alia knows how to take care of herself.

At twilight one night, she meets the mysterious Bartholomew who seems to be taming a fox. Dark and intriguing, with a mouth like an old-school rock star, he makes her skin prickle in awareness.  But like everyone else the past couple of months, he calls her by the wrong name: Mikhaila—and he is furious that she disappeared.

Sets events long foretold in motion.  Over the next few weeks, Alia is drawn more and more deeply into the world of the mysterious and puzzling Others.  She’s drawn into a deception that spurs a revolution, and into a forbidden and passionate connection with Bartholomew who is forever off-limits to her. Even if they could allow their love to flower, loving him might very well be the death of her.

The love of a millennium: Join the sweeping and powerful love story of two people who never should have met at all….and whose love might kill not only them, but bring about the end of the world.



The OtherLand Chronicles, Episode 1

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The OtherLand Chronicles, Episode 2

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The OtherLand Chronicles, Episode 3

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The OtherLand Chronicles, Collection 1

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The OtherLand Chronicles, Episode 4

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A series of nine novellas


Episode 1-3: Available Now

Episodes 4-6: COMING SOON

Episodes 7-9:  COMING SOON

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