The Random Playlist

I tried to make it a Spotify playlist, but it’s not a program I use a lot, so it gave me a headache and I went back to writing. 🙂  This is the list, with live links to iTunes. I put it on shuffle & repeat for the entire book.  Still am not tired of most of these songs, weirdly.

Home                                                   3:29                  Phillip Phillips

Ho Hey                                                   2:43                  The Lumineers

For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her [Live]  2:25                  Simon & Garfunkel

Bookends                                    1:21                  Simon & Garfunkel

Counting Stars                                    4:17                  OneRepublic

Dog Days Are Over             4:13                  Florence + The Machine                 

Chasing Cars                                    4:28                  Snow Patrol

The a Team                                    4:19                  Ed Sheeran

Please Don’t Leave Me                  3:52                  P!nk

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)                  4:17                  P!nk

Try                                                    4:08                  P!nk

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